MATH-2630 A Spring 2018

This course focuses on multivariable calculus which is a fundamental pillar for modern science and engineering.

How to survive this course?

  • Read before class
    • Reading is an important component in our learning process.
    • Reading assignment are listed in the course schedule (to be finished before class)
    • Complete reading tests (see our course Blackboard)
  • Participate!
    • You are not a passive note-taking robot
    • Let’s think together!
    • Participate in in-class discussion
    • Participate in online discussion
  • Tell yourself that it is okay to not know the correct answer
    • …well, as long as you are actively trying to figure out the answers
    • the process of the trying to figure out the answer is the important part. The only important part!

Additional material


  • Definition: A lecture is a process in which information passes from the notes of the lecturer into the notes of the student without passing through the minds of either. Funny, but true. But it really shouldn’t be. Let’s make sure our lectures are not like that.