• libtropicon: A library for computing intersection points of generic tropical hypersurfaces.

  • libdh: A library for path tracking in the logarithmic coordinate system.

  • Hom4PS-3 is a parallel numerical solver for polynomial systems developed based on the polyhedral homotopy continuation method.

  • libtropicana: A library designed to find regular simplicial subdivision of lattice convex polytopes and also compute normalized volume as a byproduct. It is written completely in C++ with optional interface for leveraging spBLAS (Sparse BLAS) routines. It is open source software. Users may freely distribute its source under the terms of the LGPLv3 license.

  • MixedVol-3 is a software package for computing mixed volume and mixed cells of polytopes in any dimension. It is now an integral part of Hom4PS-3, but I plan to make it an independent software program.

  • Skywalker (under active development) is a parallel program for finding real solutions to nonlinear systems of equations that implements Newton homotopy, fixed point homotopy, d-homotopy, and many other real homotopy constructions. It is used in my collaborative work with Dhagash Mehta, Jonathan Hauenstein, and David Wales that studies the configuration of chemical clusters.

  • Akimbo (under active development) in an OpenCL-based library for evaluating multi-variate systems of polynomials together with their Jacobian matrices on GPU.